DAE News November 24, 2001



Now that I’m in the lull after the concert and before the joyous madness of the holidays, I wanted to thank you all for your support and interest and wish you all the joy of the season.

I was very pleased with the concert. For an emergency situation, the theater wasn’t half-bad, with an intimate focus and a great location. There’s an advantage to a smaller house as well, the same number of people create a much greater energy. Some reviews have come out so far, Francis Mason’s for WQXR was very positive and Jennifer Dunning’s in the NY Times was mixed (she liked Green a lot, but not the other works). Since the concert, I have made another ballet (to Stravinsky’s Dumbarton Oaks) for the Choreoplan at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. I love that place and have been glad for every chance I get to work there. There are other projects at other venues in the works, as soon as I have more information, I will let people know.


Dance as Ever's auction, raffle and bazaar raised the company over $3,000 dollars with your help. First choice of prizes was won by Doreen McLaughlin, who grabbed the Patternworks gift certificate. Bidding has closed on the auction - Gayle Roehm's Pi in Your Sleeves Shawl got the top bid of $200.

Even though the auction is closed, there's still great stuff including hats, baby wear and scarves available from the bazaar. Save yourself some Christmas knitting at the Dance as Ever Bazaar.


Now that the cold weather is upon us, it's time for knitting workshops to resume. I'd like to offer three courses, "Stitches no Knitter should be without", a three session course on knitting your first sock and a learn to knit workshop. "Stitches" is a six hour workshop given on a Sunday afternoon, the other classes are multiple sessions of two hours each and can be held weekends or evenings. Read about classes here and email me.


Would anyone be interested in a group trip to New York City Ballet in January? There are great programs on January 2 and 3 and tickets are only $18.50 per person (you save almost $10 per ticket!) More information on trips.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the concert, who knit for the auction or bazaar, donated raffle prizes or bought and bid. If you had been meaning to donate, but never got around to it, would it still help if you donated now? The answer is yes, it makes a world of difference. Please help us keep dancing. To donate, click on the button marked "donate now."


It takes you to helping.org, an Internet clearinghouse for charities. There's no cost at all, either to you or to us; we get 100% of your donation.

All the best for the holidays!

As ever,


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