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Page last updated: 08/08/03

How to Bid

Bidding will continue until the last day of the concert (September 21, 2003). Email bids will close at 10am EST that morning, in-person bids will be taken until the end of the final performance. You may bid by e-mail using the item's link. We'll let you know if a bid comes in that tops yours, so you can choose to re-bid, if you desire. If you'd like, you can also give us instructions to bid on your behalf in $5 increments up to whatever maximum amount you choose.

We will notify you as quickly as possible after the close of the auction if you are a high bidder. Your auction item will be shipped to you upon receipt of payment. If you don't claim your item within 5 days of notification of your winning bid, we will offer it to the next highest bidder.

PLEASE NOTE: Your bid is a binding offer to buy the item described. We're a dance company, not a store, and this is a charity auction. The sales are final, and you can't return the item if you decide you don't like it. So please bid wisely.

The drawing for the raffle will also be the last day of the concert. Winners will be drawn at random, and given their choice of available prizes in the order they were drawn. As with the auction, we will notify you as quickly as possible if you have won. If you don't respond with your choice of prize within three days of notification, we will move on to the next winning ticket, and will offer you your choice of whatever prizes are available when you do contact us.

To get raffle tickets, e-mail us with your snail mail address and tell me how many you wish (some for yourself and some to sell.) We'll send you the tickets. (You can also print the tickets directly from this website.) Please fill them out and return them with a check in US funds (for $5 per ticket) made payable to:

Dance as Ever, Inc.
36 West 44th Street, Room 707
New York, NY 10036

Don't forget to take one extra for every ten you sell!


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