DAE News: April 3, 2003


Spring Greetings from Dance as Ever! We have plenty of news for you, so we'll get right to it.

Spring Knitting Workshops!

Our Knitting workshops have been so popular we're doing monthly sessions. We've got a beginner workshop scheduled for Tuesday nights beginning April 8 and also one of my favorite classes to teach to knitters with a bit more experience, "17 Stitches No Knitter Should Be Without!" on Mondays beginning April 14. In small classes with personalized attention you'll learn everything you need to start knitting and make your first projects or great stitches and tricks to go beyond the basics. The beginners classes are $120 for four sessions, "17 Stitches" is $90 for three. I've taught knitting since 1997 in NY and at national conferences and internationally. You're in good, caring hands and we all have a great time. There will also be a beginner's workshop forming for May.

Visit www.danceasever.org/DAEclasses.htm or email me if you're interested.

Group trip to New York City Ballet

We haven't done one of these in a while, and I'd love to once again. I feel like part of the mission of Dance as Ever is to increase appreciation for all ballet, not just mine. I love introducing people to their first ballet and there's no better place to do it than at the New York State Theater. Would you like to go and see New York City Ballet, but didn't want to go alone? Go with us! We'll go to a Sunday matinee at 3 pm and then to dinner afterwards.

If you're new to ballet, I'm there to answer questions and discuss the performance. The June 8 program is a group of wonderful Balanchine works, Square Dance, Ballade, Tarantella and Vienna Waltzes that go from pure classicism to Vivaldi through to the lush waltzing (in the most beautiful gowns) to Richard Strauss. There really is something for everyone. I need 20 to make a group, so come and join us, and most importantly, bring someone who has never been to the ballet before!

Auction, Raffle and Bazaar News

Auction items are already starting to come in. Look on our website for Catherine Wingate's glitzy and glamorous "Dancing Feet" socks and Kurt Fowler's "Tagliatelle" scarf up soon. Items have been promised by some of knitting's brightest stars, and I want to thank them all for helping to make dance happen. If you'd like to help as well, one thing we could use are low-cost items that could be sold for under $25 at the show. So if you want to whip off some hats, felted purses or the like, email us!

Leigh in Print

I have an article, a 'Letter from Toronto' on the National Ballet of Canada and Toronto Dance Theatre, in a forthcoming issue of Ballet Review. Most of the other writing I have been doing lately has been grant proposal after grant proposal.

The Works and Process Season

I was very pleased with our performances on the Works and Process Series at the Guggenheim, and I'd like to thank Mary Sharp Cronson for selecting us and Manny Rodríguez for his assistance with the production as well as Nancy Reynolds for participating as moderator and Peter Boal and the dancers for performing. It's a milestone for us because it's the first time we've ever performed more than once in a year, and for our largest audience ever. If you'd like to read Deborah Jowitt's review of the performances in the Village Voice, it's at http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0308/jowitt.php

Fall Concert News - Save the Date!

Our biggest news is that the date for the fall concert is set. We'll be performing our tenth anniversary season on September 18-21.

Tenth anniversary. I hardly believe I'm writing that. Our first performances were June 11-12, 1993 at the Theatre of the Riverside Church. It's fitting that we're returning there for this season. I've always loved the theater; I think it's one of the best small houses in the city to watch dance in. The sight lines are excellent. Up near the Columbia and Barnard campuses, the church itself is worth a visit (the stained glass is magnificent) and there are several good restaurants in the area. I'll tell you more about the neighborhood and put some recommendations on the web site closer to the date.

I'm not completely sure what the program will be yet, but we've commissioned a new score from Evren Celimli for a piece with the working title The New Rome. I'll tell you more about it as the months go by. I'm working on more good news, but I can't announce it just yet, so I'll leave you in suspense until the next newsletter!

Until then!

As ever,


Leigh Witchel [dae@panix.com]

Dance as Ever performs 9/18-21, 2003 at the Theatre of the Riverside Church, New York, NY. For more information, visit http://www.danceasever.org.

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