DAE News: September 30, 2002


We move round the seasons, from summer into fall at Dance as Ever. Here's what's happening and what's new:

Sneak Preview Next Monday!

We've got a special "sneak preview" for Patrons of the company on October 7. At this very special event you'll see the company perform excerpts from the works to be performed on October 17-20 at John Jay College as well as getting to see Peter perform the new solo. It's an incredible, intimate opportunity to see a dancer of that caliber up close. Patrons of the company have received invitations, but there should be extra room for others (we would appreciate a donation for attendance.) Email me if you'd like to come.

New Raffle Prize

This year's raffle is shaping up to have the best prizes yet, for knitters and non-knitters alike. We've got a week's vacation in a timeshare of your choice as the grand prize, and now we have a $150 gift certificate from BR Guest, Inc, a wonderful (and very generous) chain of several New York Restaurants including the Ocean Grill and the new Blue Fin in Times Square. Tickets are $5 per chance, and there's more information on the website (including the file to print out tickets - or I'm happy to send you some.) Like I said, we've never had better prizes. Jump in and play! http://www.danceasever.org/DAEraffle.htm for more information.

Auction News

Activity is starting to kick up on the items - the beaded items are unjustly overlooked (they're gorgeous) and so are the socks. And nobody likes my cashmere gloves. WAAAAAAH! Do you want to see a grown artistic director cry? What's new? Afton Koontz has sent us the most colorful, whimsical mobile of gorgeous knitted fish! It will brighten up any room. http://www.danceasever.org/DAEauction.htm to see all the gorgeous stuff!

Performance news - Just the FAQs


Where can I find out about the program and how to get to the theater?

Do I need to make a reservation?

Will there be tickets at the door?

When's the best night to come?

What if I want to come a different night than I reserved?

How can I pay?

Is the performance kid-friendly?

Is the theater handicapped accessible?

I just can't afford to see the show.


Thanks for all the help we've gotten so far (including a place for Jeff to stay for all but the final two nights!) If you'd like to get involved, we'd love your help. Here's what we need.

  • Backstage help. We'll need help during load-in and strike, and may need some during the run. Email me and I will put you in touch with our technical director.

  • Front of House help. We need two people for the box office and three people to staff concession tables each performance. In both cases you should be able to see the performance (if something prevents you I'll happily comp you in another night).

  • Can't do this but still want to help? Tell people about the show. Encourage people to see it. Ask me for postcards (I'll mail you a bunch) and distribute them. Theaters get filled one person at a time, by word of mouth.

    As The Shoe Points.

    I had such a satisfying day yesterday. The company did its first lecture-demonstration, something I've hoped to do for a while. Audience development is part of the mandate of every performing arts group, and I want us to do our part. Most of the people there were not familiar with ballet, and the whole thing seemed a lost less forbidding to them by the end of our demonstration. They saw that dancers are very much like they are, just a lot more flexible.

    After punch and cookies with the dancers and our guests (thanks to Cynthia Reed for the home-baked ginger snaps!) I raced downtown to the Wild Lily Tea Room to hear Ariane, the cellist, play "Equilibrium" at its first public performance. She had asked to include it on her recital so she could have a "warm-up" for its actual premiere with the company. What an experience. The proprietor, Ines Sun, graciously invited us all to stay and have the most delicious dinner afterwards, in such beautiful and serene surroundings. I can't wait to go back there for tea - you can visit them virtually at www.wildlilytearoom.com - and they are having another music concert on November 10, 2002.

    Ariane first played two Bach cello suites and then Eddie's piece. As I listened to the Bach, I could hear the math of it. The Preludes seem to grow out a single cell that repeats and multiplies; it seems both minute and to be an infinitely huge arc at the same time. In a strange way, the suites are also "trance music" of a very engaging kind, as the music arcs and circles one's mind wanders and goes where the cello takes you. Ariane asked Eddie and I to speak a bit about the "Equilibrium" before she played, and then I got to hear the whole piece in concert for the first time. I try very hard to be attuned to product over process, but sometimes the process is just amazing. The score exists because Dance as Ever exists. Composers compose, musicians play, dancers dance, designers design, because I'm foolish and stubborn enough to keep this going. As I was listening to Ariane play so beautifully, I can't tell you how glad I am that I'm foolish and stubborn.

    Until next week, please join us on October 7 if you can!

    As Ever,


    Leigh Witchel [dae@panix.com]

    Peter Boal performs with Dance as Ever 10/17-20, 2002 at the John Jay College Theater, NYC. For more information, visit http://www.danceasever.org

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